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Dino Glade 1.3

If you are looking for a cool animated screensaver, Dino Glade is a good option
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If you are looking for a cool animated screensaver, Dino Glade is a very good option you can enjoy absolutely for free. It has been developed by GameFall.com using rich colorful marvelous 3D graphics resulting in great visual effects. As you can guess by its name, Dino Glade is letting you have a look at the dinosaurs’ world offering you five different types of these gigantic and prehistoric animals: Ceratops, Diplodocus, Iguanodon, Raptor and Pteranodon. The first four are walking dinosaurs while the last one is soaring. In the screensavers you will see them grazing and walking on the picturesque and scenic glade in the wood. Images and graphics are good for the whole family since herbivorous as well as carnivorous dinosaurs live in peace with each other and scenes are peaceful and nice. What distinguish this screensaver from others of its genre are the 3D animated models, the pictorial landscapes, and the clouds and lens flares effects. If you are looking for a cool screensaver related to nature, go ahead and download for free Dino Glade.

Review summary


  • Marvelous 3D graphics
  • Animates dinosaurs
  • Very good visual effects


  • It could have included more than 5 types of dinosaurs
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